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Fiberboards are called plates made of fibers or fiber aggregates machined at a specified temperature. The different types of fiber boards available are distinguished by the method of drying the fibers, the glue used and their density. Fiberboard is divided into high density (Hardboard or HB), low density (Softboard or SB) and medium density (Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF).

  • Fiberboards of high density (HB) are manufactured in wet layering, with a special treatment of water removal from wood fibers and adhesives that improve the properties of the product. The density of HB ranges from 800 to 1000 kg / m3.
  • Fiberboards of low density (SB) are manufactured by wet layering and their density ranges from 250 to 450 kg / m3.
  • Fiberboards of medium densityor MDFs, are manufactured from dry lamination. It is a pressed artificial timber slab consisting of compressed wood fibers (usually hardwood) with resin. It is a non-weight bearing product intended for indoor use in dry conditions. Thanks to its very thin surface, a MDF fiberboard is suitable for coatings such as laminate, laminate, paint and varnish. It can be used as building material, replacing timber on walls that cannot bear weight. Their density ranges from 600 to 850 kg / m3.


The main features of MDF are its excellent mechanical performance, high stability, homogeneity, low swelling in thickness and suitability for melamine and veneer applications.

The two main categories of this type of timber are the bare MDF, which is economical and has a fairly thick coating and MDF has a laminated veneer sheet on both sides. Specific categories related to MDF construction materials and durability are:

  • Moisture resistant MDF fiberboard

It is used as a building block for use in humid conditions, in a wide range of constructions and applications (partitions, exhibits, packaging, window frames, skirts & awnings, furniture accessories, etc.). The boards are made of green fibers in their basic form and are suitable for further processing and painting.

  • MDF FR Fireproof

 MDF FR fireproof boards have improved fire retardant and non-sparking properties. They are used as general-purpose boards in dry conditions, especially in public places that require strict fire safety regulations. Its boards are made of red fibers in their basic form.

MDF is very resistant to pressures and bumps, and does not distort as easily as melamine and OSB. It is an ideal construction material for cabinets, libraries, doors, partitions and furniture fittings.

The advantages of this type of timber include that it can be milled into many shapes and designs. A single piece of MDF can, for example, be used even on large doors, increasing the durability of the construction, while keeping its cost low.