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Exclusive Partners

At Stassinopoulos Wood Experts, we take great pride in our exclusive collaborations. Always aspiring to provide you with top quality services and products, we follow all current market and designers' trends; so it is with great satisfaction that we introduce to the greek market the exceptional products of Sustainable Lunawood Thermowood, of Coswick, of Tilo and of Oneskin Inspiring Panels.


Finnish Lunawood envisioned a sustainable type of wood that could show dimensional stability and durability: Lunawood Thermowood enables innovative and long-lasting use of wood in all decorative surfaces, indoors and outdoors.


Oneskin's lacquered panels impress with their aesthetic and visual quality, opening new possibilities in the furniture industry, interior decorations, paneling, and other architectural purposes.

Lunawood Thermowood Cladding Portugal


Coswick's vast range of wood based products includes hardwood and wood floorings, wood wall panels, moldings etc, that are being exported to more than 45 countries from all over the world!


Tilo makes floors, as its motto says in german: located directly by the forest, in Lohnsburg, Austria, this family business places the greatest value on sustainability, from its raw materials to the finished product.

Coswick Floor American Walnut